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All the gear, no idea? Geek Team can sort out your technology issues in no time

By: Jade McLean

Living in techno heaven (or hell) means that you need to be up to date with, oh, just about everything that says HD, 4G, LCD or has a certain picture of a fruit on it. But if your idea of troubleshooting stops at “switch it off and on again”, you might need the help of the Geek Team.

Most of our mates would struggle to set up the telly box
Most of our mates would struggle to set up the telly box


Being a big strong member of the male species definitely comes with its obligations. When something breaks at home, you’re expected to know how to fix it and how to fix it now. But sometimes it’s just better to admit defeat and get someone else to do it. I mean, wouldn’t you rather be down the pub?

You’re probably trying to hide your shameful technological failings but Natalie Dau from Geek Team reckons it’s time to own up to your ignorance. “About 65 percent of our calls come from men, as it seems they ‘own’ the technology in the home still. Most of our customers are device-rich and time-poor. They buy lots of great gadgets, and then never connect them, so they’re sitting in boxes everywhere. It can take a lot of time to set up all of this stuff, and their time is better spent elsewhere – in the gym, in the pub or with the family. Also there’s a huge gap in finding support when something goes wrong. We can deal with all your problems much faster.”

But never fear: calling for help doesn’t mean you’re going to get a strange, bespectacled person with the personality of a hamster knocking on your door and spending hours messing with your plugs and whatnot. As Natalie explains: “Most people default to thinking they need to have someone in their home to fix things but, while our in-person service is great, they don’t. Around 80 percent of issues can be fixed remotely, hence the opening of our 24/7, 365-days-a-year service. Our remote service is manned by US-based technicians and our service level never falters. So if you’re up at 2am working and something goes wrong, we can even help you at that hour.”

The Geek Team are on call 24-7
The Geek Team are on call 24-7

These days it’s not just private house calls that are keeping Geek Team busy. As business picks up, they’re getting more and more small businesses, with even more gear and no idea, calling up for solutions and tech support.

“The Singapore Government’s focus is to help automate and improve productivity in local businesses, but most businesses can’t afford a full-time IT manager. Outsourcing to us typically saves them money, offers flexibility and focuses on our customers needs. We have multiple technicians with different specialisations so there’s always an ‘expert’ at hand. We’re happy to help anyone, from a one-man-band to an office with 100 desktops.”
If you need help of the techy kind, call 6631 8447 or go to geekteam.asia. Geek Team is now partnering with StarHub to offer all StarHub customers up to 20 percent discount on remote and on-site services.