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Airlines with the best inflight meals

It tastes better than this 

Think airline meals suck? These four airlines’ inflight meals (available only in business and first class, of course) will have you pulling out your tray table in no time.  

1. Passengers on long-haul flights out of Paris via Air France will be spoilt for choice with six exclusive dishes created by two-Michelin-starred chef Michel Roth (think veal, glazed duckling and fillet of pollock). Available only till the end of October.

2. Singapore Airlines has not one, not two, but nine world-acclaimed chefs on board, the latest being two-Michelin-starred Carlo Cracco who joined in January. Last we heard, each main course is cooked separately before being plated on Givenchy china, and all chocolates are hand-made. 

3. British Airways’ collaboration with Heston Blumenthal of Fat Duck fame has resulted in Height Cuisine. Its special umami menu uses ingredients such as seaweed, tomatoes, mackerel and Parmesan cheese, which are naturally high in umami, a savoury flavour known as the “fifth taste”.

4. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is serving its hungry passengers smoked salmon with Hollandaise mousse, and winter casserole with Volwaard chicken, created by two-Michelin-starred chef Richard Ekkebus; available till the end of September.