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Affordable massages you can’t miss out on

We all deserve some me-time every now and then, and while you can go all out with indulging in a luxurious spa treatment, it’s nice knowing we’re blessed with plenty of affordable options in the city, too. Here are our top five picks for value-for-money massages – most of them coming in at below $100 – that are worth trying.

#1 My Cozy Room

4-in-1 Spa Indulgence, $99 for first timers (usual price, $168), 75 minutes

What’s involved:

Located in a cute little shophouse, My Cozy Room feels just as the name implies – homey and snug. I was greeted with a hot cup of herbal tea, and sat down to run through my preferences for the massage. The 4-in-1 Spa Indulgence is the signature treatment, intended to fully restore and revitalise you from head to toe.

The session started with an exfoliating back scrub. It was a refreshing experience, and a reminder that it’s an area we barely pay attention to (perhaps because it’s so difficult to reach!). This was followed up with a therapeutic massage using hot stones and fast sweeping movements, which I felt helped to release tension from my muscles a tad faster than a regular massage would. Following that was a full body massage, and my therapist was attentive in asking if the pressure was to my liking. I could feel the ache melting away from my neck and upper back area towards the end of the session. The treatment was polished off with a cooling Crystal Eye massage, which was a rejuvenating perk-me-up.

Winding down:

After the session, my body felt more balanced and flexible (massage helps with circulation), plus I could see that my eye area looked significantly brighter, even sans makeup.

– Susannah Jaffer

My Cozy Room
56A Cairnhill Road
6732 0030mycozyroom.com.sg 

Queen's Market body massage
Tight knots are kneaded away at Queen’s Market

#2 Queen’s Market

Deep Tissue Massage, $75 for first-timers (usual price, $150), 60 minutes 

What’s involved:

This boutique Japanese salon in the Tanjong Pagar locale offers a homely spa experience. Housed in a small shophouse, Queen’s Market is known for its herbal facials, manicures and massages.

The session began with a three-minute foot bath, with my masseuse Mika pressing a few pressure points on my feet. We were off to a good start, as I was rushing errands before the appointment and this immediately put me into relaxation mode! If you suffer from tight shoulders or a tensed back, this massage would be perfect for you. Expect slow, long and firm strokes, alongside deep finger pressure, which work together to release all those knots. Mika’s pressure estimation was spot on; while it felt more tender in the areas of tension (especially my shoulders), the whole experience was still thoroughly relaxing. She rubbed with a consistent pressure and used her arms, elbows and palms – something I felt was lacking in many other massages I’ve experienced.

Winding down:

Surprisingly, although it was an oil massage, I didn’t feel too greasy after the session. Mika used rice oil – known for being rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids – which absorbed quickly into the skin.

Psst… Looking for something more affordable? Try the slimming massage ($120, 60 minutes) or lymphatic facial massage ($88)! 

Anthia Chng

16 Tanjong Pagar Road
6329 1166 | queensmarket.sg

trimmings spa foot reflexology
If your feet are sore, try the hour-long foot reflexology at Trimmings Salon and Spa

#3 Trimmings Salon & Spa

Foot Reflexology, $75 for 60 minutes

What’s involved:

You can choose to have your massage in a big armchair in the nail spa, which sits alongside the hair salon, or for more privacy and peace (yes, please), in a private treatment room. Specify your preference when you’re booking an appointment, as I think the armchair is the default! I took the latter option, complete with whale music, candles and low lights.

Jennifer, my therapist, was detailed in explaining the steps involved and also asked about the degree of pressure I’d like. I go for reflexologies quite frequently, so I know exactly the degree of pressure to ask for, and what to expect during this type of massage – sometimes a little pain or discomfort is par for the course. The feet and leg rub-down commenced and I totally zoned out –  it was that good! It was truly a relaxing one hour of me-time. I highly recommend for you to do this at least once a month at this friendly, relaxed and experienced salon and spa.

Winding down:

I was presented with a cup of their signature homemade ginger tea and went on my way. There’s a seat outside the treatment room or outside the salon itself, but no actual wind-down area per se.

– Emi Finch

Trimmings @ Loewen Gardens
75 E Loewen Road
6471 1922 | trimmings.com.sg

Balinese massage Tamarind Spa
Indulge in a Balinese massage

#4 The Tamarind Spa

Balinese Massage, $80 for 60 minutes 

What’s involved:

I instantly felt relaxed from the moment I stepped into the spa. Lights were perfectly dimmed and soothing music was playing, which I must say, was a great complement to sipping my cup of hot red-date tea. I opted for the Balinese massage to release the tension in my body and I chose the lemongrass oil to help in detoxification. Lida, my masseuse, applied medium pressure and slow strokes, alongside deep finger pressure on specific areas where my muscles were tight and knotted – specifically my shoulders, back and legs. I found the massage so relaxing and pleasurable that I fell asleep!

Winding down:

When I woke up after the massage, I felt refreshed; my usually tense and heavy shoulders were lifted, and even my legs felt light when I walked out of the spa. I would definitely love to get this massage again.

Psst… There’s also a variety of wallet-friendly body scrubs ($45 for 30 minutes) to choose from, including coffee, blackberry, lavender and lemongrass.

Grace Bantaran

8A Kensington Park Road
Serangoon Gardens Estate
6285 2696 |

nimble knead massage spa
This charming spa features container-like interiors

#5 Nimble Knead

Body (60 minutes) and foot massage (30 minutes) combo, $93

What’s involved:

Tucked in the quiet end of Tiong Bahru, this boutique spa is set in container-style interiors with cosy décor. With a total of six rooms – couple’s rooms are available, too – Nimble Knead offers Balinese, Thai, Swedish and Chinese massages at affordable prices ($76 for 60 minutes). Body scrubs, body masks and facials are available, too.

I had my massage in one of the couple’s rooms, which was rather spacious and fitted with a separate shower room. The session started with a quick foot-salt bath, before the full body massage commenced. Using fast, long strokes, my masseuse kneaded into my legs first, then moved to my back and arms. It was an utterly relaxing session without any real pain or discomfort – I actually dozed off a couple times! After the full body massage, she moved on to the foot rub. While I would have preferred a fraction more pressure, it was overall a pleasant experience.

Winding down:

Post-treatment, I enjoyed my cup of hot ginger tea in the reception area. It was a rejuvenating session and I’m definitely keen on returning to try one of their body masks ($69 for 45 minutes).

Anthia Chng

66 Eng Watt Street, #01-28
6438 3933 | nimbleknead.com


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