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Adopting animals in Singapore: See this beautiful photo-project on handicapped pets

By: Sandra Macheroux (photography)

We love animals here at EL and know how much you enjoy our articles on pets in Singapore, so we wanted to highlight this very special project to raise some awareness about adopting furry friends in need.

“Imperfectly Happy” is a photo-project by Sandra Macheroux that features handicapped animals from Singapore. They are a mixture of ex-street dogs and pet farming gone terribly wrong. Thanks to Singapore’s brilliant animal welfare groups, some have been rescued and re-homed, while others are still in need of loving families. Click through the gallery below to find out more on the gorgeous animals and their stories.


On creating this brilliant series, Sandra said: ‘As a vet and photographer, I felt this is something that could be embraced and captured in a positive light. I also hope that less animals will be euthanised when the owners have to make difficult decisions on surgeries.

‘I have always supported Animal Welfare Groups and firmly believe adoption is the best way to obtain an animal. So I wanted my models to be rescue cases that have lost or damaged body parts due to trauma, have been crippled by preventable disease or were born deformed.

‘I was so pleased to meet many wonderful animals. Their spirit is strong in their imperfect little bodies. They had gorgeous personalities and were ‘Imperfectly Happy’.’

If you’re feeling inspired by Sandra’s beautiful photos, she would love you to look into adopting a pet here in Singapore (lots of info on how to explore that here). She is also looking to exhibit these images on canvas, if any cafes, shops or public spaces would like to display them for a few weeks. Please email Sandra on smacheroux@yahoo.com if you’re interested.

Finally, if you’d like to meet Duncan or Hector from the gallery above, they are urgently in need of new homes. They have been rescued by Ai Leng and Friends of Seven and would love to give you a cuddle! Head here for more info.