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Academic and enrichment classes in Singapore: Mini-MBA classes for future leaders!

Set your child up for success with a mini-MBA at The Keys Academy and help them learn essential skills like financial literacy, teamwork and communication. The Keys Academy has a unique learning pathway that combines business, leadership, and communication fundamentals for kids as young as 6 years old. And it’s not just for those mini-entrepreneurs out there – it’s for all children to learn how to be a great leader, an effective communicator, and a savvy saver.

The Keys is the real deal when it comes to classes that are simultaneously engaging and rigorous – Junior will be having so much fun they won’t know how much they’re learning along the way. Based on the the principles of Harvard Business School professor Ranjay Gulati, Advisor at The Keys Academy, The Keys’ CEO Track programme introduces primary school students to the basics of business. The courses have been designed by a team drawn from top universities such as Harvard University, University of Cambridge, and Wharton.

Wall Street and Silicon Valley, watch out!
Wall Street and Silicon Valley, watch out!

For those kids aged 6-8 and 9-11, there are ‘mini-MBA Starter‘ and ‘mini-MBA JR‘ classes. So, what’s the key to helping bright young things learn big ideas like business or leadership? The answer is real learning through business case studies that children can grasp. For example, in the Business Starter class, students learn about the value of money, profit and loss, and savings, but not through a PowerPoint presentation or a bunch of worksheets – their capstone project involves the whole class running a restaurant!

Your child will also be learning the ins and outs of social and emotional management in the Leadership Starter class, and constructing arguments and presenting a case to their classmates in the Communication Starter. In each class, there is a capstone project where The Keys’ experienced teachers help the students apply these lessons to a business case such as managing a t-shirt company or starting a babysitting business. In this way, the students apply and internalize these crucial skills.

The learning doesn’t stop at Primary School level either. For students aged 13-16, there is a mini-MBA SR and mini-MBA Advanced where teens will learn design thinking, youth leadership, and entrepreneurship for social change. After that, The Keys Academy offers a unique ‘externship’ programme where students aged 16+ learn critical real-life skills by tackling innovation challenges through partnerships with leading corporations. In these externships, students engage in creative problem-solving and make final presentations to corporate executives.

One of 20 educators in The Keys Academy's team
One of 20 educators in The Keys Academy’s team

At The Keys Academy, teachers are dedicated to nurturing individuals and helping your child cultivate essential qualities such as initiative, critical thinking and confidence. These skills not only help young minds score exam results and build core competencies that are essential in the classroom and beyond, but also enables them to truly enjoy the learning process as they explore their interests. The result of The Keys’ approach of real learning is well-rounded, active and deep learners, problem-solvers, critical thinkers, information seekers, and leaders!

PLUS The Keys Academy is offering a special promotion for EL readers, with a 12-week mini-MBA class for your child for only $425. There’s also a promotion on their next 12-week term starting in January 2016: all academic courses are $660 and all enrichment courses are $425. Sign up now!

Hands-on learning in action!
Hands-on learning in action!

Want more information on a specific programme? Visit The Keys Academy’s website for details or drop them a line.

331 North Bridge Road; Odeon Towers; Level 2; 188720; +65 6734 8559; contact@thekeys.global