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A music school bringing out the best in your child’s musical education

What’s the challenge all parents face when introducing their children to the world of music? Igniting the love for music then retaining the sparkle through lessons that lead them to grow passionate about music and instruments.

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Meet the aspiring world-class teachers at Aureus Academy

Bespoke music lessons
Singapore’s fastest growing music school Aureus Academy is creating a unique way to engage its students ranging from children as young as three-year olds to teenagers, and even adults and seniors who are picking up an instrument for the first time.

By understanding that not all students fit the same mold, Aureus Academy take pride in providing bespoke sessions in piano, violin, guitar, cello and vocal lessons that can be tailored to the student’s musical background and interests. Their philosophy relies on finding the right path that best suits the learning style of each student and nurtures a student’s affection for music, and will eventually lead to good results and grades.

Passionate and qualified teachers
Aureus Academy redefines how children learn and experience music by bringing highly qualified, passionate and dedicated teachers to their students. The faculty consists of over 40 full time teachers, who offer the diligence in lessons and flexibility with the time slots to benefit students’ schedules. The teachers have a combined 55 Bachelor’s, Masters and Doctoral degrees in musical arts, but most importantly they all are experienced and passionate performers who will share their love for performing with their students.

Aureus Academy realise that only professional musicians can provide that valuable knowledge and experience from the concert halls to the classrooms that inspires the next generation of artists and instills the same passion in them. The students are encouraged to perform too as it builds their confidence and character. This is why the Academy has designed recital halls at its centres on Orchard and Rochester, something unique to Singapore.

Free trial
Aureus Academy has reached nearly 1500 enthusiastic and impassioned students over the past couple of years. All together the school offers 40 studios and two recital halls across its three locations at Forum Shopping Mall, Rochester Mall and 112 Katong. To have a taster of Aureus Academy’s respected musical method, sign up your child for a free trial!

The school offers individual lessons, group sessions and highly appreciated holiday camps. If you are not quite sure where to start with your little one, Aureus Academy recommends learning piano or violin in private sessions first for younger students aged four and above. While catching their music bug, they will learn cognitive and social skills that will have long-term benefits for them.

aureusacademy.com | +65 6235 6488 | contact@aureusacademy.com

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