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9 cheap home décor ideas

In these uncertain times, we don’t want to spend lots of money, but we still want our homes to look nice. (Everyone knows how depressing a magnolia-coloured rental home can be!) We also need to be mobile, so small items that can be moved around for not a lot of money are perfect.

Here are some pieces that won’t cost much, and won’t take up a lot of space if you do need to move. Plus, they’ll give you some lovely momentos of your time in Asia that will look good in any home, in any country that you move to.

home decor, home decoration, antiques

These newly made pinewood boxes that can be used for storage as well as side tables. They’re available in mint green, black and red.

home decor, home decoration, antiques

Bring colour, or even a unique storage solution, to your home with these hand painted wooden buckets.

home decor, home decoration, antiques

Tall porcelain blue and white jars. Available in three different designs: kirin, dragons and lions; all auspicious animals that symbolise luck and power. There’s also a lion sitting on the top of the jar cover.

home decor, home decoration, antiques

Old camphor chests from southern China. These old camphor chests were used to store paintings and scrolls as the smell of camphor keeps insects like silverfish away. Every side of the chests is made of a single piece of wood, allowing the wood grains to flow continuously and really shows off its beauty.

home decor, home decoration, antiques

These colourful trays are made of chipboard so they are very light and easy to use. Great for adding colour and decoration, as well as gifts. Available in two sizes and a wide array of colours.

home decor, home decoration, antiques

Porcelain drum stools. A very versatile item that can be used as a side table or stool, indoor and outdoor or even in the bathroom!

home decoration, antiques

Copies of green glazed pottery Tang horses. Horse culture and breeding was very important during the Tang dynasty as they understood having well-trained and superior stable of horses equalled military strength.

home decor, home decoration, antiques
Happy novice monks made from resin. In Buddhist orders anyone who wants to be ordained as a monk must become a novice and study first.


The court lady, or a lady-in-waiting in a dynastic system who attended on the empress. These figurines were both created from resin.

All of these pieces can be found at Just Anthony, their huge showroom is a wonderful treasure trove so give yourself plenty of time when you visit! There’s everything from wedding cabinets, beautiful ornate screens, a huge selection of lamps to large buddahs for your garden or patio.  It’s not far from Braddell Road and has free parking, so even more reason to spend time there.

Just Anthony
379 Upper Paya Lebar Road
6283 4782 | justanthony.com


Other ways to make  your home look like home:

  1. Paint a wall (yourself)
  2. Buy a painting you love
  3. Buy a colourful carpet
  4. Invest in some artificial flowers (you don’t have to look after them and you can take them with you)
  5. Buy some cheap or second-hand furniture and paint it (vintage paints at Art Friend do the trick for a couple of dollars!)

Looking for more home decor ideas? We have plenty.