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6 ways to keep upholstered furniture looking fab

It’s a sad, sad day when you say goodbye to a favourite piece of furniture because the upholstery has lost its shine and succumbed to sagging or stains. Of course, re-upholstering can breathe some much needed new life into any worn out piece.

Furniture store Window to the Past (WTP) often receives requests for re-upholstery via their custom made furniture service, but knowing how to care for your upholstery in the first place can save you time and money. As experts in bespoke furniture and furniture leasing, the folks at WTP know a thing or two about how to keep your furnishings looking tip-top. Their Business Development Manager, Naazli Somjee, shares a few suggestions on how to make your upholstered furniture last a lifetime:

upholstery, furniture care
Make your couch the most inviting spot in the house with beautifully plumped up sofa cushions

1. Vacuum regularly

As dust and dirt builds up it causes fabric to wear much faster. Regular vacuuming with an upholstery attachment can do wonders. If you’re not sure what the upholstery attachment looks like, it has a wide, flat head and may have a lint-catching fabric strip, perfect for coaxing dust from sofas, chairs, mattresses and cushions.

2. Flip, rotate and fluff

Removable cushions need a little love on a regular basis to keep them from running out of puff. Flip your sofa seat cushions at the end of the day, then get plumping on the rest. The secret to well-rounded cushions is to get the air back into them. It may feel like anger management therapy, but take them off the sofa, give them a good punch from all sides, then drop them onto a clean floor before replacing them. Take non-feather cushions by the corners and give them a good tug on each side to restore their shape.

upholstery, furniture care
Vacuum out the dust from every nook and cranny to keep your bespoke furniture looking chic and unique

3. Coddle your cushions

While feather and down cushions need to be fluffed frequently to be at their best, you’ll also need to get the vacuum out again to get rid of those pesky feathers sticking out. Use the upholstery attachment to get between the fabric casings and cushions and prevent the feathers from poking through.

4. Smooth saggy surfaces

Attached cushions are often stretched tight, which soon leads to sagging. Tuck any excess material into the back or sides of the seat and you’ll smooth out those wrinkles in no time.

upholstery, furniture care
Sofas look great in dark shades, but no matter what the colour, remember, if there’s a spill, clean up quickly to avoid stains

5. Stay out of the sun

Sunlight fades and degrades fabrics, especially dark colours and natural fibres such as cotton. Where possible, try to avoid placing upholstered furniture in direct sunlight (though in a hot and sunny climate like Singapore, this is not always easy). Rotate cushions to even out the wear and minimise fading.

6. Remove stains straightaway

Spills happen, but stains don’t have to stick. If something gets spilled on your upholstered furniture, a quick response is vital to avoid the stain setting in. Blot the area immediately with a damp, clean white cloth (don’t scrub or rub, this will just make the stain spread). If you do go on to use a cleaning product, be sure to check it’s suitability for the fabric by looking at the cleaning recommendations label. If there’s no label, you’ll want to do a spot check on an inconspicuous area to make sure you won’t damage the material.

If even these tips aren’t enough to save your upholstery, or maybe you just fancy a change, check out WTP’s custom made furniture for that made-to-measure treasure you’ve been looking for. If you still haven’t quite made up your mind then why not try their furniture leasing service instead? Renting furniture is a great, no-hassle way to get your new Singapore home kitted out and manage your costs at the same time.

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