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6 reasons you need home contents insurance, stat!

Your house is more than just four walls: it’s a haven for you and your family, including your pets. It’s where you surround yourself with the things you love – your favourite art pieces, Manolo Blahniks and Jimmy Choos, the Bang and Olufsen speakers, those expensive carpets your picked up on your trip to Turkey. It’s a place you and your loved ones call home – safe, comfortable, familiar.

Now imagine your home was burgled or all your precious belongings were ruined in a fire, or it was inundated with water because a pipe burst. It would cost thousands to replace all the items – not to mention the terrible heartbreak over losing everything you held dear.

One of the best things you can do for your loved ones is to ensure your home is well-protected. Signing up for a home contents insurance plan will help soften the blow in case of such unforeseen incidents.

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It’s easy to cover every one, and everything, you love under this one plan!


What is home contents insurance?
A home contents insurance plan covers household contents as well as personal belongings and any renovations, improvements or any additions you may make to your house. It also covers physical loss of items from your home due to a fire, flood, explosion, burglary or malicious acts of any persons other than you, your family members or any other person living in your home.

Do you really need home contents insurance?
Yes. Anyone who owns anything valuable – especially jewellery, antiques and work of art – should get home contents insurance. It’s also important because it covers items like the fridge, couch, flooring – just imagine how expensive it would be to replace all of these! A home contents insurance plan is for everyone, irrespective of whether they own or rent a house. Still not convinced you need home contents insurance? Here are just some of the reasons you should consider signing up for one…

1. It has you completely covered
The plan covers the loss or damage of your flat-screen TV, the expensive rugs, furniture, kitchen appliances, your clothes and shoes. If the insides of your home have been damaged due to a fire, flood or even natural disasters, home renovations are covered too. It will also cover the cost to remove the debris; and should you need to board up one or more parts of the house pending repairs – you guessed it – those costs are covered as well. And the additional optional building coverage will take care of expenses in the case of damages caused to the structure of the house due to natural disasters, malicious acts or accidents.

2. Temporary accommodation or loss of rent are covered
You’ll be grateful when the plan foots the bill for you to move to a hotel or a serviced apartment, while your home is being restored after a covered incident or event. Similarly, the plan will also cover rent to be paid by you or to you while the house is still uninhabitable.

3. Even your glass feature wall is insured 
Should there be accidental damage to any fixed glass or mirrors in the house, you can claim costs to have them replaced.

4. Did you know it covers your frozen steaks in the deep freezer too?
Not only is your refrigerator covered, the contents of your deep freezer are included as well. If your refrigerator is less than five years old, any frozen food that has gone bad, due to a power outage caused by bad weather, will be covered.

5. It takes care of more than just contents of the home 
Your family, including your pet, are covered under the home contents insurance plan. For example, in the unfortunate event of the accidental death of your pet in the house; or you, your spouse or children should die in a burglary attack in your home, compensation can be claimed.

6. It helps you cover third party liabilities as well 
Should an accidental fire in your house damage your neighbour’s property, the home contents insurance plan is able to cover those damages as well!

The MSIG Enhanced HomePlus insurance plan will get you all these and more (nineteen!) benefits that go beyond the basic coverage of fire, flood and burglary. In cases when you urgently need an electrician, plumber, lock smith or even private medical transportation, you can call the MSIG’s 24/7 Emergency Home Assist helpline at 6337 6776. They will assist you with referrals and arrange the service for you. However, the costs of any services rendered will be borne by you unless due to a covered benefit.

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