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5 Freaky Facebook Groups

Five Freaky Facebook Groups 

Bored of your Facebook friends’ endless photos of kids’ first haircuts and long weekends in Bali? Bin the over-sharers and join us in nosing out some groups that’ll make even Mark Zuckerberg crack a smile.  

Our first unlikely find is The Man That Looks Like A Thumb. For this poor chap, shoving his formless noggin into a party snap at the last minute sent him viral. He may not have found it particularly funny, but 17,013 other people do. 

And while we’re on the subject of unusual-shaped noggins, there’s also a group dedicated to The Guy Who Looks Like A Bellend

So far, so strange, which is why we were glad to step away from this and into biscuit territory, joining the fans of Chocolates Digestives Are The Best Biscuits For Dunking for a laugh. 

Who knew there was 1.4 million people out there stymied over how milk found its way into our fridges? The Guy Who Discovered Milk… What Was He Doing With That Cow? is a head-scratcher indeed. 

Been far too free with your ‘likes’? You’re not alone – the 196,533 fans of I Read The Group Name, I Laugh, I Join, I Never Look At It Again may have a point. 

Got a weird Facebook group crush? Comment below and let us know.