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4 ways to streamline your USA-Singapore shipping and shopping

So, your credit card details are saved at every major US retail website? Great stuff – any expat worth their weight in Neiman Marcus knows that doing the bulk of your shopping on Singapore soil is a rookie mistake. For variety and value, you gotta head online and it’s gotta be stateside. But, what really separates the seasoned from the savvy, is the shipping forwarder or consolidator they choose to ship their haul to Singapore. The EL team swears by the services of PacMe and here’s why:

1. Repacking rules!

These guys don’t just lob all your orders into a big ol’ box and send it your way. Wasted space is money, friends, and repacking the PacMe Way means that the team can often cut the overall shipping bill by half! They’ll expertly bundle everything into a super-strong double-walled box in a technical feat accomplished only by PacMe’s premier packers. Watch them work their repacking magic here.


2016-11-08 (3)


2. Shopping rules, too (and the more you ship, the more you save)!

The first few kilograms of a shipment are always the most expensive, so it makes perfect sense to buy in bulk. Shopping spree, anyone? In fact, it’s when your bundle of goods hits 10-15kgs that the savings with PacMe’s pals over at UPS and FedEx really kick in.

2016-11-08 (4)

3. Customers are queen

The proof isn’t only in the packing. PacMe’s amazing customer service personally handled by owners Ken and Randy, together with a dedicated chat box for every package to discuss any issues, have helped to land it a steady flow of rave client testimonials. They’ve been known to sneak in a customer’s favourite comfort food or personally hand carry super urgent items on the plane – now that’s going the extra mile!

4. It’s free to join for EL readers

Simply sign up for a free account (valued at $40) over at www.pacme.com using promo code EXPAT and you’ll be presented with your own sales tax-free US postal address that you can add to checkouts across the shops. PacMe will then log each of your incoming packages, scan the invoices, upload photos of the items and store it all for up to 90 days free of charge until all your orders have been ticked off.

https://pacme.com | info@pacme.com | facebook.com/pacmeusa/

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