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4 cosmetic treatments to keep men looking good

It’s not just women who are discovering the cosmetic benefits offered by aesthetic treatments. Today, men are becoming more likely to seek out treatments for fat reduction, hair loss, skincare, anti-aging and general well-being. We spoke to some of the leading aesthetic clinics to find out what procedures men are undergoing and how they work.


Dr Rohan Mendis – Mendis Aesthetics
Males are a fast growing segment of the Aesthetics industry – at the moment almost 50 percent of my clients are male. This is because of their increased ultraviolet light exposure, usually due to sport or outdoor activities, as well as higher rates of smoking and poor utilisation of preventive health care services. Men are becoming more conscious of their appearance and they no longer hide their desire for face or bodily perfection, and in fact actively pursue it.

I treat men from the age of 30 plus, who understand the need to gain a competitive advantage in the workplace by looking their best. My clients work in all industries that involve social interaction, from business, entertainment, service industry and fitness.

They are comfortable trying procedures that are minimally or non-invasive and that don’t require much time and have minimal side effects.

Minimally invasive

  • Botox – for decreasing forehead lines, frown lines and crows feet, sweaty underarms or palms.
  • Fillers – for higher nose bridge, cheekbones, stronger chin, jawline and reducing deep wrinkles.


  • Laser skin rejuvenation – for smoothing and evening out skin tone, decreasing pigmentation, pore size and fine lines thus giving overall rejuvenation.
  • Fat reduction – for face, neck, tummy or love handles.

Age-fighting skin treatments

  • Transdermal therapy – deep exfoliation, introduction of active ingredients to slow down the aging process and overall rejuvenation.
  • Thermage CPT – using radiofrequency waves for tighter, uplifted skin and defined, chiselled appearance.

Mendis Aesthetics
333A Orchard Road, #04-17 Mandarin Gallery
6235 1728 | drmendis.com

mens cosmetic treatments, mens aesthetics, hair loss
A stressful lifestyle, ageing and using the wrong products can all lead to hair loss but treatments are available


ClearSK Group® – Doctor-designed solutions for your skin, body and hair concerns
About 85 percent of men will have major hair thinning by the time they’re 50. Some guys start to lose theirs before they turn 21. The causes could be a stressful lifestyle, ageing with hormonal changes and using the wrong hair product.

Targeting mild to moderate hair loss conditions, DrScalp™ Laser Hair Infusion is a doctor-designed twin treatment program that works to stimulate hair roots for new hair growth and stronger hair strands. It first uses a specific laser wavelength to target hair roots, then infuses nutrients into the scalp with a hair growth active serum. This twin combination also encourages healthy cell regeneration and repairs damaged scalp tissue. There is no downtime and the treatment doesn’t damage the scalp, instead it makes it healthier with regular treatment sessions.

For people who have a damaged scalp or facing the early stages in thinning hair, this may be a suitable treatment as it provides anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects to regenerate healthy hair and scalp. Enquire now for a hair/scalp diagnosis.

ClearSK® Group of Aesthetics Centers
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mens cosmetic treatments, mens aesthetics, BTL Vanquish ME
Banish belly and love handle fat without surgery


BTL Aesthetics
Dissatisfaction with body shape is one of the main reasons men vary their lifestyle. Usually this involves dietary changes and an increase in exercise, but more recently, non-invasive aesthetic treatments have become a path to a new physical appearance. As a man gets older, his metabolism slows down, and fat tends to gather around the tummy and hips. This type of fat deposit can be very hard to shift.

BTL Vanquish ME is designed to banish belly and love handle fat without surgery or downtime. A patented technology it’s the first contactless US FDA cleared device working in the market. The fat cells that are selectively targeted by the heat energy are then absorbed by the body and subsequently excreted. Vanquish ME can take pride in having the largest spot size in the industry, allowing for the largest treatment area within the shortest time. Four sessions of 45 minutes is recommended for the best results. A great lunchtime procedure!

BTL Aesthetics
6443 9093 | btlaesthetics.com/sg

mens cosmetic treatments, mens aesthetics, Testosterone Replacement Therapy
Testosterone therapy can can make men feel more energetic


Cutis Medical
Testosterone (T) not only effects men’s sexual desire and performance, but also his mood, thinking, muscle, fat, and sense of vitality and well being.

When testosterone drops to lower levels due to aging, men experience an increasing waistline, low energy and libido. Low T is often mistaken and associated with normal ageing but ‘normal’ hormone levels might not be in the optimal range.

Optimising testosterone levels through Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is one of the key elements of the Optimagenics™ Age Management Program, together with nutrition and exercise. TRT is a safe medication that can make men feel more energetic, improve sexual desire, increase muscle strength and mass, decrease fat, improve mood, and make their minds feel sharper.

Cutis Medical Laser Clinics
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Now that you’re looking and feeling good it’s time to get the right suit and haircut.